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Mr Water Proofing. We Waterproof.

Specialist Waterproofing and repair. Balcony waterproofing, basement and commercial car park waterproofing, hi-rise and commercial roof and wall waterproofing, green roof and wall waterproofing membranes, tank water proofing, pond and catchment water loss minimisation and rehabilitation. Above and below ground. Mr Waterproofing are accredited expert applicators of the WetSuit™ rapid cure, spray applied tanking system. Seamless, non VOC, expands to 1500%, applies direct to any surface.

Who is Mr Waterproofing?

Mr Waterproofing are Melbourne’s waterproofing specialists. We provide solutions to complex and difficult waterproofing problems.

Green Roof Solutions

Mr Waterproofing provide green roof solutions for buildings and properties in Melbourne.

Waterproofing Demo Videos

WetSuit application on site on completed jobs, showing Wetsuit system applications.

WetSuit Membrane Waterproofing

The most versatile and comprehensive waterproofing membrane on the market.


NGV Roof Hail Guards

NGV Roof Hail Guards

Asset Rehab Services installed a first line of weather defence on the NGV rooftop...
Farm Channel Waterproof

Farm Channel Waterproof

This farm irrigation channel uses a simple and traditional method of waterproofing...
Green Roof Installation

Green Roof Installation

Cutting edge design together with leading environmentally sustainable building practices...