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Green Roofing Expertise

Green Roofing Expertise

Green Roofs

Green roofs are a wonderful idea and an excellent way to green your environment and add sustainability to any new build.

They do however require substantial commitment both in the planning, engineering, building and financing.

In short there are no short cuts with Green Roofs. Do it once do it properly OR don’t do it and spend your money on a better kitchen or a holiday.

There are so many “critical” factors its hard to prioritize any one but if there was one that comes before others it’s water proofing. Simply put if a green roof leaks the money, time, effort put into designing it and building it will pail into insignificance to what time and money will be spent trying to locate the source of the leak and then stopping it and repairing the resultant damage and rebuilding.

This web site could spend pages detailing all the issues. Better yet make an inquiry and talk with an expert and get on top of this critical issue from the start call: 0408 504 087.

Green Roofs

Green Roof Waterproofing

Mr Waterproofing are Melbourne’s experts on green roof waterproofing, we have worked on large and small green roof and wall projects.

Green Roofs are components of a building that are covered with a soil substrate or growing medium, and then grass, plants or trees, all sitting on top of a waterproof membrane. They typically include water retention, drainage and irrigation systems.

Effective Green roofs embrace ecology into a building and give the structure greater harmony with the natural environment, while enhancing the energy efficiency and appearance of the structure.

An integral part of all green roof solutions is waterproofing membrane specification undertaken at the beginning of the project, together with load bearing considerations, landscaping design and cost factors. The integration of natural elements and living plants into the design means that once construction is completed the waterproofing cannot be accessed and in the event of a breach, typically the entire roof must be removed to make good. Correct waterproofing is essential.

In addition as Green Roofs are living ecosystems they require proper ventilation to ensure the plants have a healthy fertile environment and are able to be sustained.

Green Roof Install Process

So if you are a Home Owner looking to install a green roof, consult with a Green Roofing Expert first and ensure that your building is protected with proper waterproofing. Mr Waterproofing membranes are fully compliant with all Australian building codes & regulations.

It’s worth noting that Green roofs may appear ‘green’ by design, but they may not always be ‘green’ by construction. Some roof membranes, although effective as a waterproof layer, may be composed of synthetic compounds known to be toxic when manufactured or disposed of, and are harmful to the environment. Mr Waterproofing waterproofing systems are eco-effective, non toxic water-based and contain no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Our installation experience also ensures full compliance with OH&S.

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