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Who is Mr Waterproofing?

Who is Mr Waterproofing?

Mr Waterproofing rectifies and fixes leaks, permanently and properly.

We deal with homeowners who require a complete and effective solution for their waterproofing problem.

Mr Waterproofing undertake:

  • Works with homeowners to repair and waterproof house roof leaks, to provide permanent and effective repairs and membranes for green roofs.
  • Works with homeowners who have basements or garages that weep or leak and they want fixed once and for all.
  • Works with apartment and house owners with leaking balconies, who may have experienced others offering quick fixes that don’t work, and now realise it takes expertise and a team effort to stop the balcony leaking.

If you need your waterproofing issue to be properly addressed then Mr Waterproofing will undertake your project and work with you to achieve a permanent non leaking outcome. If not call us in a few years time.

Who is Mr Waterproofing?
Who is Mr Waterproofing?

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