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Albert Park Rooftop

The Problem

With a beautiful breeze and a view down the avenue a roof top in Albert Park is a beautiful place to be. Except when it leaks into the babies room below! How to water proof a historic roof insulated with local seaweed, that was then lined with standard pine floor boards and then later in life covered with asbestos sheeting and tiled with porous terracotta tiles.

How to get this up all with a new born sleeping below! First thing is call in a contractor that specializes in getting things done that others find difficult ,dirty dangerous or just to hard

The Solution

Build a false roof, make it water tight ,access through street side scaffold and then get it done. Once demolition done water proof with Cosmofin a fully welded PVC. This took care of the issue of all the different moving surface and made the entire structure completely water tight.

The Result

No water ingress on this large exposed roof, no moving babies, no leaks 12 months later and a happy client.