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East Melb Balcony Waterproof

The Problem

You’ve made it in life, looking out over city landscapes enjoying the view. You walk inside and fall through your carpet because some bozzo before you never water proofed the balcony properly and now the inside of your apartment is rotting!

The Solution

You call a few contractors and they shake their heads and walk away. You call Mr Waterproofing and they just work through the issues one by one until a plan is done, a budget agreed and then its just get on with it. Back braking demolition, not rocket science just hard work

The Result

Clean up the mess made by others. Get the falls right then use COSMOFIN fully welded PVC to give an everlasting ( 25 year guarantee) it wont ever leak again. Then after more hard work ( this time walking up 8 flights of stairs and not down ) lay down the latest in low maintenance modern day decking. Now back to enjoying that view.