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Underground Residential Garage

The Problem

Leaking basement in surburban Melbourne house. The basement had been leaking since extensive rebuild and renovations were undertaken to the existing house. The basement garage was built below ground level and water was coming through the concrete and block work causing severe dampness, calcification, smell and mould. Structural damage from corrosion of steel work and concrete was inevitable. Unable to re-excavate and retank exterior, the basement had to be tanked internally on positive facing wall (i.e. internal). Other contractors had inspected the site and walked away, unable to confidently offer a solution. Insurance companies were at a loss as to how to resolve the situation, faced with the prospect of a complete rebuild.

The Solution

Asset Rehab Services were able to propose a guaranteed internal tanking system with no excavation required using hi-tech waterproof tanking mortars from Europe in tandem with above ground water diversion. The job was quoted with a six week turnaround. Above ground works included landscaping, drainage, retaining walls and water diversion to assist and prevent ongoing damage.

The Result

WetSuitTM water proofing fixed. Melbourne endured torrential rainstorms in Nov and Dec soon after with no resultant leaks whatsoever. The customer had spent two years trying to remedy the problem and was delighted and amazed at the final result. All works were completed with minimum disruption and without requiring relocation of family (and dog).