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Balcony WaterProofing Expertise

 Balcony WaterProofing Expertise

Badly Built Balconies

There are thousands (tens of thousands) of badly built balconies in Melbourne

Not nice but a fact. Many are built using timber frames, cement sheet flooring then tiled and enclosed by a balustrade made from cement sheeting that’s then rendered. Most have doors and windows that also leak. If you think there are quick fixes to these issues, please leave this web site.

If you are aware that there can be a lot of resultant damage from a leaking balcony to the sub floor, lower room ceilings, and that balcony doors may also need repairing or even replacing along with tiles and balustrades, then send us an inquiry or call Leigh: 0408 504 087.

Out of the hundreds of timber framed (and other) balconies we have fixed an “average cost” for a 15 sqm balcony (3mt x 5mt) can be around $15 – 20k. Concrete sub floor balconies are likely to be less expensive to fix but not always. This is the reality of properly fixing both the cause and effect of a leaking balcony.

Green Balcony Melbourne
Green Balcony Melbourne

Leaking Balcony Repairs

Leaking balcony repairs Melbourne

We fix leaking home and apartment balconies. Mr Waterproofing has repaired, sealed and made water-tight balconies walls and for all types of buildings. View our balcony repair and waterproofing projects section including before and after photo galleries.

Green Balcony Melbourne
Green Balcony Melbourne

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