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Waterproofing Flat Roof in Brunswick

Water-tight waterproofing for a new roof and balcony area in Brunswick, Melbourne.

A waterproof membrane was applied directly onto the plywood roof and balcony areas to be 100% waterproof. Despite severe weather since, the flat roof areas remain leak free as this is a long-term waterproofing solution.

The Problem

Architect designed new house build in Brunswick required monolithic water proofing applied to complete new roof and balcony area. WetsuitTM was the ideal solution to apply directly onto the plywood substrate. The deck and roof areas were later clad, with some areas being used for green roofing with soil, garden and irrigation systems as well as outdoor entertainment areas being added.

The Solution

WetsuitTM sprayed directly onto existing substrate. The modern architect designed home had a plywood floor, with the waterproofing membrane being installed on top of this. All roof sections were completely waterproofed. Hand load in and load out was undertaken.

The Result

The entire waterproofing of the flat roof job including load in, load out, took two days. No leaks or breaching of waterproofing occurred since, including thunderstorm and severe weather events experienced. Job completed on budget as quoted, no variations.

This project was conducted alongside Mr Waterproofing parent company, Asset Rehab Services.