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Underground Car Park

The Problem

Major leaks to large underground commercial car park (approx. 500 car capacity) caused by poor initial construction technique and lack of tanking or waterproofing applied. Leaking was extensive to the point of water puddling internally on underground floors causing slip hazards to the public and other OH&S issues. Owners had tried and failed to secure contractors able to confidently undertake and remedy the problem. The leakage was causing corrosion of structural elements of the building and in heavy down pours causing travelators to shut down due to mass water in sumps.

The Solution

Initial trials were conducted prior to job including external excavation of slab/beam joints and crack injection in worse sections. Mr Waterproofing and building consultants developed a solution method that centred around crack injection into the voids between floor slab and tilt panel walls where the water ingress was coming from (spreading down walls and across floor). Three different materials were injected; 2 diff. hi-tech resins and state of the art void filling grouts. Once the voids were effectively filled all water ingress was prevented. To avoid disruption of major retail trading operations work was undertaken out of hours and over night shifts for an ongoing period.

The Result

The premises has endured several major Melbourne extreme weather events with no leaks whatsoever in the areas treated. The tenant is delighted to be able to continue with retail operations with no disruption to trading and no fear of any further damage and contracted further works by Mr Waterproofing to complete the job. This project is a case study in Mr Waterproofing Services’ analytical approach to determine cause first in order to provide an effective solution. Mr Waterproofing rely on the use of advanced technologies such as Infrared and CCTV technologies rather than a ‘dig and hope’ approach. Proposed methods were first trialed and then applied to the job in conjunction with ongoing client consultation throughout. This resulted is the guaranteed success of the solution at a significantly lower cost than traditional excavation and external tanking of cold joints.