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The Block Rooftop Waterproof

The Problem

The Block TV series was so happy with the work Mr Waterproofing did on the 2012 series, they came back for more in 2013. This series stepped it up a notch; instead of a row of terraces, this season would see an entire high rise Motel building transformed. Once again the roof needed urgent water proofing for rooftop decks. The 1960’s complex was modified with a rooftop penthouse, in addition to gardens and entertainment areas being added. These needed to be properly waterproofed before cladding, paving, grass, plants, fittings and furniture could be added. The site represented unique challenges with multiple trades working on site concurrently, equipment access issues and working around film crews, all to extremely tight deadlines (4 day turnaround). As a building regulation requirement the waterproofing however could not be compromised.

The Solution

As with 2012, Mr Waterproofing were able to accommodate and work flexibly around and within others demands and constraints. The existing concrete slab roof had a plywood floor installed, with the waterproofing membrane being installed on top of this. The entire roof of the five storey apartment building was completely waterproofed. The complete Wetsuit seamless spray applied tanking was used. Hand load in and load out was undertaken under extreme access difficulty and pressure.

The Result

No leaks or breaching of waterproofing has occurred. Go Alisa and Lysandra! We love you guys. When you catch us speeding on one of your S.A. highways, don’t forget those nice, polite guys from Mr Waterproofing are who kept you both dry at night (what can we say, it’s what we do). Project completed on time, on budget, no extras (get it… extras… TV set…)