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Melbourne CBD Green Balcony

The Problem

This 7th floor roof balcony on a commercial office building in Melbourne’s prime commercial district was leaking like a sieve causing water damage to the lower floors.

Other water proofers and builders had quoted and advised all tiles and the screed had to be removed to fix the water leaking. This would have required vacating the main tenants (a large advertising agency) out of the building for an entire month and exposed the building owner to huge expenses and potential litigation.

The Solution

Mr Waterproofing proposed a quick, easy and cost effective solution. WetSuit® straight over the top (after a good clean and repairs to broken and lifting tiles). Before works were undertaken an adhesion test was undertaken to prove the method, which worked faultlessly. Masking of the glass balustrade and windows was then done to avoid over spray. WetSuit® spray on waterproof tanking was then applied directly over CMU, ICF and concrete. WetSuit® 1 Part and trowel grade was used under glass balustrade where 2 part couldn’t be sprayed and over expansion joints and drain connections.

Then the entire area was sprayed with 2 part in a few hours. Five days later artificial grass was laid out which not only looks great but keeps the offices cooler and is used as a staff retreat and BBQ area, especially during March when the Australian F1 Grand Prix is run in the park opposite the building.

The Result

The cost of the WetSuit® and the grass came in at less than the cost of just removing the tiles and screed. Building owner and tenants very happy indeed.