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Green Roof Installation

The Problem

The aim of this architect designed home in an outer Melbourne rural location was to employ cutting edge design together with leading environmentally sustainable building practices. The house was designed to exceed all building code requirements, using the six star energy rating as a base guide. The owners wished to genuinely embrace green principles and create a sustainable lifestyle. The curved green roof was to be the focal point of the free flowing building design. Effective waterproofing of the plywood substrate was crucial to its success. Hence, a green roof installation.

The Solution

To start this green roof installation, the wood deck was first stripped in with Undercover and 6” Invisilink fabric on all joints. Next, WetSuit® 2-Part was spray applied to a 100 mil dry membrane thickness, our standard thickness for garden roofs. After curing, penetrations and roof details were “counter flashed” with WetSuit® 1-Part and Fiber Trowel.

Once the waterproof membrane was complete the green roofing system was supplied and installed. Installation of the garden began with a root barrier, drainage mat, soil retention system, soil, and native grasses. Grasses for this green roof project were selected to replicate those naturally occurring in the local ecosystem. Only 100mm thickness of growing media is required, reducing overall weight.

The Result

Benefits of the green roof project were seen immediately including reduced storm water run off, added insulation value, reduced HVAC consumption, and mitigation of the urban heat island. Minimum maintenance is required and the growing media layer actually increases the lifespan of the waterproofing membrane.

The Warburton Arch House Build Project was featured on TV series Grand Designs Australia. Click here to view Warburton Arch House Project. The house also utilised WetSuit® to waterproof the below ground foundations and basement area. The green roof project was used globally to spotlight effective use of WetSuit® by manufacturers Neptune Coatings in the US.