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Apartment Balconies Waterproof

The Problem

Apartment block of fifteen units all had significant and dangerous leaks to balconies. Balconies had deteriorated to the extent that structural integrity was threatened. Damaged tiling was leaking back into building and through to structural concrete slab. Water was causing concrete spalling (breaking up of slab, pieces falling off). Ballustrades had rotted to the extent of being unsafe. Mr Waterproofing was asked to quote a solution after numerous other consultants, at great cost to the owners corporation, had failed to deliver a cost effective solution. Mr Waterproofing developed a plan and had it checked off by structural engineer who inspected works as they were completed.

The Solution

Use of WetsuitTM to waterproof balconies, major works were required including scaffolding of two entire faces of the building and removal of balustrades, removal of existing tiles and saturated screed substrate, as well as rehab of concrete cancer in slab, then waterproofing with WetsuitTM and reinstatement of tiles and new glass balustrades for a modern look. Works also included stabilisation of footings, Helifix crack stitching for cracked masonry walls, re-rendering the entire building and repainting, as well as rehab of corroded steel.

The Result

All units remained occupied by tenants at all times throughout the works. Access to car park and all entrances was also maintained. This significant project meant the outcome was crucial as multiple stakeholders including tenants, owners and body corporate were involved. Many tenants went so far as to personally thank Mr Waterproofing for works completed, previously having been fearful of what the resale value of their units would be on the open market given the water ingress issues, decaying carpet and structural integrity of the balustrades.