Waterproof: Rooftop Podium

The Problem

This construction project required waterproofing application for a roof level podium, with provision for rooftop services such as HVAC.

The Solution

WetSuit® 1- Part was applied to a broom swept concrete podium deck of two identical buildings. Interstitial walls, for the mechanicals, were first set in place above this multi use, retail and residential building. Joints were first caulked to the substrate with WetSuit® Trowel grade. A 30 mil dry application, of WetSuit® 1-Part, was then sprayed completely over the podium deck and all of the interstitial wall base-plates. A “white-wash” of paint on top of the WetSuit® was applied to keep the surface cool and to help identify any fractures to the waterproofing caused by the trades prior to flood testing.

The Result

The end result was a seamless and waterproof seal. The roof was suitable for installation of services within 24 hrs of application.

Posted in Specialist Waterproofing Applications