Thermal Imaging Diagnosis

The use of Thermal Imaging can have a huge benefit on your energy efficiency.

As a part of diagnostic assessment Mr Waterproofing use Infra Red Imaging to scan the components of the structure to better understand the cause of a problem and increase your energy efficiency.

The infrared camera helps identify quickly where energy efficiency can be improved and where and how structural and leakage issues can be solved.

Poor or inadequate insulation, moisture, building envelope leaks, and substandard work are costly to residential and commercial building owners.

The camera makes it easier to improve energy efficiency and locate repairs with minimal disruption and with much greater accuracy than traditional techniques.The infrared camera instantly shows what is ‘wet’ and what is ‘dry’, what is hot and what is cold; so detecting the source of problems is painless, non-destructive and precise.

Infrared cameras also indicate variation and modulation over entire surfaces. The measurement of house facades and walls is based on the temperature differences of the inside and outside of the wall structure. The interpretation of the imagery requires a solid knowledge of building techniques, materials and building code rules. With years of experience working with a range of structures, old and new, Mr WaterProof comply to Australian Standard build codes and regulations.

Thermal imaging energy efficiency in Melbourne Thermal imaging is used to identify where energy efficiency can be improved Improved energy efficiency using thermal imaging