Eco House Basement – California

The Problem

Part of the Santa Barbara Eco house project required below ground foundations and basement walls waterproofing and sealing prior to earthworks back fill. Water proofing and sealing to exterior retaining and basement walls were to prevent water ingress and seepage. The basement and below ground waterproofing formed part of encasing the entire building envelope in a Wetsuit monolithic coating.

The Solution

The masonry walls were first treated with a waterproof render to seal the porous brickwork, then applied with Wetsuit seam seal and Wetsuit parts 1 & 2. The walls were subsequently back filled and construction continued.

The Result

Seamless application of Wetsuit provided a complete monolithic cover including seams and points of penetration such as pipework and services, ensuring protection against the surrounding soil water table. As well as protecting from water ingress this ensured protection against concrete cancer and masonry degredation. This in turn contributes to the stability of the footings and building long term lifespan.

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